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May 3, 2012

SPEAR Press Release

May/June 2012

SPEAR Surrey Practitioners Educational Arts Resource

Arts Partnership Surrey has developed a new online resource ‘SPEAR’, which provides vital provision for arts practitioners in Surrey. Our aim is to link arts practitioners with educational providers to encourage a diverse high quality creative educational offer for young people in Surrey.

SPEAR will provide an online profile for arts practitioners, including previous experience, current creative projects, choice of medium they teach, references, and any relevant qualifications, insurances and certificates. SPEAR is free to join for the first year (a nominal fee thereafter). We are inviting creative practitioners who want to develop their work within the educational sector to join in May – July 2012, we will to promote SPEAR to schools and in other educational settings in and around Surrey in September 2012.

SPEAR will include toolkits on developing art projects for both creative practitioners and educational providers. Our aim is to support creative practitioners in how to set up high quality workshops, all requirements needed to promote best practice, how to find funding and what can be expected in working in an educational setting.

For educational providers we aim to provide vital toolkits in how to set up creative workshops, how to commission creative practitioners, how to find funding and expectations in working with freelance practitioners.

SPEAR aims to actively encourage information sharing and in so doing provide a vital networking site to creative educational practitioners. SPEAR will feature a BLOG with links to social media including Facebook and Twitter, there will be an online EVENTS calendar profiling SPEAR initiatives and partnership initiatives in training, networking and arts events.

SPEAR actively encourages ‘your voice’ concept to respond to the requirements and needs of both educational providers and creative practitioners, and to meet these needs as this resource develops.



Aimee Fairhurst, Drama Development Officer for Surrey Arts
Caroline Jackman, Visual Arts Officer for Surrey Arts

Background Information Initial research suggests that there are few opportunities to promote and/or search for creative practitioners offering creative workshops for educational providers in Surrey. This project therefore proposes a mapping of current provision in terms of current arts networks, art organisations, provision for art practitioner profiling, provision for training and networking, provision for providing toolkits for both educational providers and arts practitioners in commissioning work and sourcing funding, and of course provision for useful links. In short a one stop shop that is an arts resource encouraging provision for creativity for young people.

This proposal is based on an exploratory discussion that has taken place between Surrey Arts, SALDO, Surrey Artists’ Network, Surrey Venues Network, and Surrey educational providers

Aims of SPEAR:

  •  To provide a valuable resource for arts organisations and schools
  •  To provide a promotional outlet for arts practitioners living and working in Surrey
  •  To establish this resource across Surrey and promote this to other areas in the UK so that they may set up a similar resource if not in place already.
  •  To provide easy access to facilities, networking and training provision for our creative practitioners including recent graduates to encourage them to remain in Surrey.
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