Claire Harrison

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Claire Harrison

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Practitioner Membership

Practitioner Membership

Arts Practitioner Statement

I love art and have a confident, friendly and energetic personality and am passionate and
dedicated to sharing my creative skills and knowledge with the community.

I am fascinated with nature on a macroscopic and microscopic level specifically looking at repeating patterns and forms or shapes and creatures that we do not usually see. This has led me to collaborate with Manhood Community College in Selsey as part of the Creative Partnership Scheme. I inspired and taught maths through art and nature to gifted and talented mathematicians, it was a successful project combining science, maths and art into a final piece of over 20 large hexagons tesselating together.

Prior to this I have been a Member of Industrial Liaison Committee for MCA of Farnborough College of Technology where I was a visiting artist helping students with portfolio and various projects. I have been a part of a carbon project at Potters Gate School where the class made 3D buckminsterfullerines.

I have been a trustee of Farnham Arts Society for 5 years and a trustee for the Farnham Public Arts Trust. I have given lectures about my work and many visual workshops in both art and craft from watercolour, drawing, painting in any subject to plasticine, fabric and jewellery making with beads (please note this list is not exhaustive, I can teach any 2D medium and many 3D). I teach many one-one students and help 10-11 year olds win scholarships. I teach adults in both Brighton, Guildford and across Surrey and Sussex.

I exhibit regularly across the UK and have been recently published in the International Contemporary Artists Volume IV. References available on request. I have several DBS checks from various organisations but all are of varying dates.


Your Toolkit

Enhanced DBS less than three years old, Public Liability Insurance over £2 million

Your Training

I graduated in Fine Art BA (HONS) in 2001 from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College (currently known as UCA)

As a postgraduate I have attended a short course in geometry at the Princes School of Art in London.

I have taught both adults and children in both the community and in schools for over 10 years. Several students studying for their GCSE, A Levels and degree’s choose to do projects on my practice and about my work.

Experience of working with....

Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Special Needs, Professional Arts Settings, Community Arts Settings

Area of interest

Other, Visual Arts

Other area(s) of interest

Teaching other curricular subjects like maths and science through art