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“I would like to propose that we let the imagination take its place at the heart of learning, and that we create a climate in which it can flourish.
We need discovery; making; doing; exploring; creating; critical thinking; seeing; hearing; experiencing.
Children have to be introduced to the arts in every form.”
- Michael Morpurgo 2010



  • One stop shop that is an arts resource encouraging provision for creativity for all.
  • A new resource to promote arts practitioners offering creative workshops for education and community settings.
  • A forum for discourse, sharing knowledge and a source of information.
  • A listing of current training, and a space for practitioners to express training requirements.

SPEAR has been set up by Surrey Arts Partnership and is run by Surrey Arts


  • To provide a valuable resource for arts organisations, community settings and schools.
  • To provide a promotional outlet for arts practitioners living and working in Surrey.
  • To establish this resource across Surrey and promote this to other areas in the UK so that they may set up a similar resource if not in place already.
  • To provide easy access to facilities, networking and CPD provision for our arts practitioners including recent graduates to encourage them to remain in Surrey.
  • Develop a resource which evidences the quality and range of artistic practice in Surrey and promotes creative approaches to the delivery of educational outcomes, raising the profile of this valuable work by providing a tool that will help establish creative approaches to meet a range of agendas.

SPEAR Objectives

Skills Fusion, partnership project between Surrey Arts Dance, Woking FC and Surrey Schools

For Artists

  • To provide a valuable platform for arts practitioners who want to work within education and community settings in Surrey.
  • Access to training opportunities.
  • Advice on the structure and approach to working with education providers.
  • Advice on the structure and approach to working with community settings.
  • Funding links.

For Arts Organizers, Education and Community setting

  • To provide a valuable information resource for arts organisations, education providers and community settings.
  • Guidance on commissioning artists and pay rates.
  • Funding links.
  • Case studies on past projects.